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Friday, 7 January 2011

JOM JOIN CONTEST Tiqaa Wonderland!

me joining the above contest, due 14 jan

to join, click HERE!

here is my pic for category gambar candid saya

the pic was taken when we had our cuti2 Manchester..
pic taken in hotel room- Palace Hotel...

alkisahnya, me nak amik pic romantic me & hubby..sbb asyik2 pic our kids ajer
so me pun set up tripod..and ckp kat hubby get ready, nanti me lari cepat2 and sit on his lap
i dh ckp siap2 dgn my boy zharfan (5 years old), ni mama nak amik pic dgn papa, jgn kacau tau...and lil ariff (one year old) tgh sibuk main toys...

me pun press the camera button on the tripod, lari2, jump onto hubby's lap...and...adoyaiii...bila nampak je mama & papa posing berdua mcm tu, Zharfan pun cepat2 lari nak masuk dlm pic sama! siap senyum sengih lebar lagi tu, ie posing dgn over nya...

and guess what, my lil ariff cepat2 merangkak dtg...sempat pegang ler masuk sikit kepalanya dan sebelah tangan kecik tu dlm pic ni...dekat kaki mama tu..actually dia nak intai/tengok kenapa mama sibuk2 lari2 utk pose dgn papa...
and..hasilnya pic kat atas tu ler...mama dh nak tergelak...muka senyum tersengih sambil tahan gelak...tak dapek la mama nak pose romantic berdua dgn papa..bila dh anak2 mcm ni :p :p
and here is my pic for category senyuman kegembiraan

~ni pic me and my lil Ariff bersuka-ria petik epal kat ladang epal, both Mommy & baby tersenyum lebar, tergelak2 gak ni.... sbb beshh pengalaman petik epal ni (PYO ie pick your own)~

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wannurfazrini said...

hoyeahhh , goodluck !

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