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Friday, 28 January 2011

♥ Top Commentator - Lucky Draw By Mama_Balqis ♥

wpun me jarang benor lucky when it comes to  lucky draw, tp alang2 dh tersenarai sbg top commentator blog anje mama balqis, so me join ajer yer anje :)

nak kena citer psl diri me..aisehhh..segan eden :p

semua info ada kat profile ni actually...

me lahir thn 1976, so bln april nanti, me akan cukup 35 thn--nak kena ubah info kat pic profile tu hehhe

me full time lecturer kat UIA me kat Nottingham UK, akan balik ke Msia for good on 13 April 2011 --dh dekat dh ni..

me ada two lil heroes, Ahmad Zharfan Shah , will be 6 years old in May, and Ahmad Ariff Shah, will be 2 years old in April :)

tu jer kot

actually, anje adalah one of my sifu in blogging--dulu2 me blogging as personal diary semata2--persepsi dan tujuan berubah sejak mid 2010--and me jd celik mata psl monetary reward thru blogging :) me belajar byk psl Nuffnang dari blog anje--sbb blog anje byk tutorial yg sgt berguna!! tq dear!!

last but not least, me rasa antara anje and me ada chemistry..sbb both mommies, both bloggers tegar, and both suka join contest --termasuk magz contest :) !!



mama tisya said...

bln april brp aribln ek??good luck

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