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Tuesday, 18 January 2011


me joining the above GA, due 23 feb

to join, click HERE!!

me nak buat syarat tak wajib/sunat for the GA, 
>>> to suggest hadiah bday for Nurin & Syuhada

here are some suggestion for bday gifts for both Nurin & Syuhada...
for FUN, EDUCATIONAL & FUTURE LIFE, all are equally important, and of course affordable and within budget, and they are based on my own experience being a mommy of 2 kids :)

for FUN, the perfect bday present would be this thing...

Baby Activity Pool Pink - an ideal first pool with sunshade and 3 inflatable rings to play with. great for splashing around in the garden, or for filling with playballs for indoor play.
retail price : RM 109.00 (ops sorry yer Aida, lebih sikit jer budget Aida tu..),the one in the pic is available at Mothercare, actually ni cth ajer...u can get similar items kat mana2 supermarket pun, tp this design sgt cute sbb ada shade!!

why?? coz kaler pink, sesuai utk girls like Nurin & Syuhada and I believe both of them like water kan, so can have fun anytime, main air, or even boleh main balls together...boleh main kat dlm rumah or even kat luar rumah, sbb ada sunshade!! and trustworthy brand + affordable!!!
o yess, my boys ada benda ni kat rumah...they love it sooo much!! tp bukan brand mothercare :p

for EDUCATIONAL purpose, i'd love to suggest this item...

DOODLE this one..this one brand Fisher Price, available at Toys R Us (online+offline). retail price RM 84.90 (link : click HERE).. ni cth ajer, any other brand is ok

why??it's just the right timefor both Nurin & Syuhada to start practising scribbling and instilling writing fun way...simple yet fun...just rite for them...boleh share2 main sama2, so u beli one unit pun ok...yg bestnya benda ni boleh bwk pegi travel, tak nak bagi kids boring duduk dlm keta lama2 , or in flight pun :)

kat Toys R Us ada jugak yg bukan brand Fisher Price, so a lot cheaper like this one..

harga RM 49.95 (link click HERE)

alternatively, if u like,
  u boleh jugak beli benda yg cute ni...

ie wall lamp...i tgk these cute stuff kat Ikea, harga sgt reasonable ie RM 29.00 ni harga dlm katalog last year ...tak sure plak harga utk 2011
ada mcm2 design like these..

what is so educational about these lamps?boleh ajar anak2 berdikari ie tido dlm bilik masing2 ;)
i did buy one for my eldest son, tp yg design tom&jerry, me beli kat kedai lampu biasa ajer.. ;) and my boy memang tido dlm bilik dia sendiri :)

lastly, for FUTURE, the best gift is none other than SAVINGS ACCOUNT for both Nurin & kalau diaorg belum ada these accounts lah
boleh bukak yippie account (Maybank) or Nuri (Bank Rakyat)...can read for further info in my previous entry HERE!



adianiez AIDA said...

hai suzie. aida terjah. tq sebab spent time suggesting all those presents. tq very much!
i like lamps ikea tu!!!!!! moreover, dara berdua kan da tido bilik sendiri since end of last year. especially lamps bunga pink tu... tq tq tq..... ikea bleh beli online tak yek?

tq tq tq...

but, one only - banner kat post tu nanti suzie link ke post GA aida ye...

good luck! i like!!!

ctnurkhijah said... la entry mz ni...
Good Luck1

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