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Sunday, 16 January 2011

aDieyZa BirthDaY GiVe aWaY!!

me joining the above GA, due 20 jan

to join, click on the banner

GA task:
bagitau hadiah apa yg korang akan bagi kat pasangan (suami/isteri/tunang/gf/bf) masa pertama kali celebrate birthday pasangan & bagitau sekali reason kenapa korang nak bagi hadiah tu..

Kalau boleh, hadiah yg korang cadang nak bagi kat pasangan tu biarlah yg menarik (maybe yg orang lain x pernah terfikir nak bagi kat pasangan).. reason tu x kisah la panjang or pendek..

here is my answer/suggestion:

hadiah bday yg sesuai diberi kpd psgn for his bday...selain dari bday cake (sbb kek ialah benda wajib kan)

me believe that for every bday, tak kiralah yg ke-berapa pun, the gift must be something yg memorable plus romantic...has long-lasting effect and within budget ;)

suggestion 1 : Zana to prepare an own made personalized voucher redeemable only by Adiey ie ur belovedhusband...boleh buat 3 vouchers which means simboliki love u, voucher 1 : free special massage, voucher 2 : free breakfast on bed, voucher 3 : free apa2lah yg ur hubby suka - u ajer yg tau kan...simple yet sweet voucher will do, like u letak ur lips pic lps u pakai lipstick tebal2 heheh

suggestion 2 : u buat surprise --u book ticket movie siap2 to go for watching movie together- sbb special Zana boleh amik yg gold class punya seating...below RM100 pastinya -- cthnya GSC Gold Class Cinema

kalau tak silap, ratenya lebih kurang RM45 for the ticket + RM15 surchage = RM60
Inclusive of a drink and blanket. Oh, also a small pillow.--best kan menghabiskan masa berdua2an dgn yg tersayang di hari lahirnya :) bukan selalu pun
Gold Class Cinema At GSC Signature Gardens

suggestion 3 : a romantic bday dinner at any restaurant yg ada romantic mood setting, cthnya Restoran Istana Bambu kat Ampang, and any restaurant pun ok--yg penting "romantic mood+setting" hehhehhe, sbb special day kan :)

ni pic adik me & adik ipar me with their boy masa celebrate their special day kat restoran Istana Bambu ni (8/8/2010)

last but not least, suggestion 4 : sbb kalau ladies fancy to have sexy lingerie, why not give ur hubby a set of boxer/shorts plus brief/underware plus stockings from his fav brand ...or even a pair of pyjamas, yg branded would be lovely as bday gift...nicely wrapped in a box...sounds simple, tp byk kegunaan tu...even pakai hari2 yakin memang bwh RM100 ni kalau nak beli these stuff :)

anyway, kalau u memang allocate bajet besar utk beli bday gift for ur hubby, boleh beli electronic gadjet, like iphone ke, blackberry ke, DSLR ker, branded watch ker, apa2 yg ur Hubby suka --me pernah beli PS2 as bday gift for my hubby :) sbb dia memang suka layan games lps balik dari keje--utk release tension katanya heheheh -tak salah spend utk Hubby sendiri pun :) he's happy, me as a wife, lagilah happy :)

apple 75k+

sekian, done!


aDieyZa said...

mama zharfan, thanks dear sbb sudi join GA zana..

banyaknya idea.. nice sgt..

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