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Thursday, 27 January 2011

New Year Giveaway By KedaiGambarKami Part 1(27 Disember 2010 - 28 Jan 2011)

Emm...what’s so interesting about KedaiGambarKami??♥♥

♥♥I firmly believe that passion would be translated into high quality pics..full with LOVE..and awesome pictures speak louder than words :)

♥♥I admire the dedication and LOVE of Catlina in photography, of how she shares her passion with her life partner, and of how both of them manipulating their talents,LOVE and obsession in such creative ways..

♥♥I believe that every picture has a story..and the pictures by KedaiGambar Kami illustrate the magic stories to the world, freezing the magic moments and treasure it forever..."

♥♥I LOVE the affordable price of each photography packages, with variety of packages, as well as variety of products (photobook etc) to suit the needs of everyone.
♥♥I LOVE the efficient, frenly service given by Catlina to her many happy customers, which is evidenced from customers’ testimonials .

♥♥and I do believe that being parents themselves cum photographer like Cat & hubby, they are definitely an expert in dealing with kids and knows all the technique and hidden secrets in capturing those magical moments!!

~To Catlina & Cikgu Zulkeflai @KedaiGambarKami, may you have a prosperous, successful business for many2 years to come!! ~

It's more than meets the eyes!Jom ke KedaiGambarKami( sekarang!"

the above entry is meant for New Year Giveaway by KedaiGambarKami, due 28 jan.
to join, click HERE!


CatlinaFly said...

;) i come with a smile...good luck dear!

Lulu caldina said...

Good luck...ngee

LyNn'Azlina said...

wah..menarik...gudlak sis

Wansteddy Tales said...

baca entry contest ni :D good luck k.suziey, mmg besh picca yg Cat ambil. semuanya superb gorjes!

ujee said...

tahniah MZ...

saya cik puan syaz said...

congrats! u win the photobook.. hip hip hoorraay.. ^_^

eB ezrin said...

tahniah :)
tumpang hepi ;p

puan nina said...

tahniah menang ga ni..mama zharfan mmg kreatif =)

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