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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Aerish in LF January contest

me joining the above contest, due end of jan

to join, click HERE!

contest task #1:
teka jawapan bagi soklan2 mudah kat bwh nih

Namer sebenar aerish :
   B. Aerishadania  

umor aerish pada 2011:
 C. 2  

warna fav aerish:
C. pink 

contest task #2:
knaper anda suker jenguk kami kat ten little fingers..."sayer suker jenguk eB & family sbb......

mommy & kids blog--siyes I like :)
awesome pictures --that's rite :)
eB pun comper tegar --kita serupa ;)
rajin plak buat contest, sungguh me teruja ;)!!"


eb ezrin2 said...

tersengih me bacer
walopn nak jwb mmg x reti
x sangker laks u suker
singah2 la kalo free

gd luck yer ;p

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