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Saturday, 8 January 2011

VOTE AND WIN! Vote For her to be top 11th in this Contest!

jom tlg Deqna by voting for her!!

details at this link

and here my copy paste:

feel free to VOTE her, here :

**Picture credit to KedaiGambarKami
 Category A
For those who have voted her, leave ur comment here by saying "voted for today".
highest voter will get something from Nurul Azham's Family.. :)
you have 20days to highest voted is 20's.
Happy Voting and Good Luck!!
(If there is more than 1, i'll use to select the winner)

Category B

Blog about this "VOTE AND WIN" contest, leave your blog url here,
and the winner will be select by

Easy right?? no need to follow or put the banner at your sidebar..

...also can join for both catagory!!!

Closing Date : 28th January 2011


nurulazham said...

Thanks MZ!
will count you in! :)
btw, kalau MZ nasuk link tu n automatik dia tulis

You cannot vote the same entry within 24 hours.
Vote again in another:
23hr 59min 59sec

..means, MZ dah vote.. ;)

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