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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Kak Yong 3rd blog besday GA

me joining the above GA, due 11 feb

to join, click on the banner

me pilih:
3. header + watermark
-->> sbb blog contest ni headernya sgt uduh, so me nak buat header yg cun sikit kalau menang GA ni :) watermark pun beshh kalau dpt free :)


kakyong said...

kakyong dtg jengah...
blog contest u ni memang nampak dah kemas.. header tu nampak tak cun sbb berbingkai kayu.. ekekekk... tak senada dgn layout blog... ;)

gud luck ya...

SYaMiLa said...

gud luck suzie...kalau menang nanti blh la tukar header bg cantik... ;-)

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