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Wednesday, 2 March 2011


me joining the above contest, due 3 mac

to join, click on the banner!

me tag:
cik puan hady

here is my story..tq for reading!!

Comping/comper/competition/contest/giveaway...what's so fun about them???

Some people are contest junkies (that includes me i guess)... while others find them a waste of time, feeling they will never win.

Then there is the occasional player or blogger (that also includes me :p)who takes a chance with Lady lucky draw based contest or giveaway..

The truth is ..some contests do provide a reasonable chance at winning prizes or money, such as those based on skill or creativity, especially those at nationwide level... Even contests based solely on luck are winnable - that goes without saying!

so ada apa dgn contest?

winning contests would realize some of ur golden dreams, make ur dreams come true...
some of my comper frens have the chance of travel worlwide...all via contests, enjoying holiday abroad- FOC...all are possible via contests..

As for far sekali je menang holiday to Bali, tu pun me cancel last minute, convert to holiday to Langkawi...the rest are all hotel vouchers or vacation package in Msia...

the truth selalu cuti2 msia, tp FOC - all won contests...the best part, dpt stay kat hotel2 yg best like 5-star tu...
kalau me congak2 balik, since me join contests in year 2005 until now, me can say about 80% of my cuti2 msia is FOC -hasil menang contests...

the amusing part...bila menang contest, me siap pass2 some of the winnings to my family free vacation in Langkawi, me bwk my mom selalu jer bwk all my family ie my siblings pegi cuti2 FOC ni, seronok share fun sama2...kalau me tak sempat, me pass to them jer all the hotel in return, they all are very supportive when it comes to contests ni...sbb boleh share2 kalau me menang :p

and the most significant part of me being a contest enthusiast dpt few good friends, in fact dpt one best fren...just because we share the same passion(we share a lot in common other than contest stuff)'s a real blessing....sbb me tak ramai close frens...yg betul2 satu kepala...

1001 perihal blog contests & giveaways..

Being active in many blog contests and mcm2 perihal cerita ceriti masam manis yg me pernah rasa lah...and me rasa those yg active blog contests mcm me ni mesti lalui benda yg sama sedikit noticed ramai jer blogger yg aktif join contests mcm me ni...(like tiefaztie,nida, zai kulim, anin and many2 more ) :) sbb me suka BW to these blogs.. tu yg dpt tau tu..

Actually, me start active blog contests sejak dtg early this year....sbb me nak lepas gian tak leh join consumer nationwide contests kat msia...and sbb me tgh tulis thesis, so long hours mengadap pc/laptop...bila boring dgn thesis, me pun join contest kat blog..

Ni some corat coret perihal blog-contests...

Yg best..

-free for all to join, tak pyh proof of comping, the principle is, the easier to join, the harder to win :p

-byk giler blog contest lately, mcm cendawan tumbuh..pilih je nak join yg mana

-yg lucky draw memang entirely based on nasib..and me plak jrg benor menang lucky draw based yg pic-based or creative ada jugak menang byk kali..rezeki me agak murah in the latter categories :)...sbb less competitor compared to lucky draw admire nida sbb sgt creative -pandai buat sajak puisi yilek :p

-boleh dpt kwn baru esp yg sama minat :) ie minat contest-montest ni..

Yg tak best

-hadiah kebykannya kecik2...yelah, sbb organizer nya pun individual blog owner kan..takkan nak expect bagi keta or rumah ke apa :p

-yg paling boring, bila result contest/GA lambat kuar...ish ish...penat eden tunggu ...sbb kalau dh join, mesti nak tau saper yg menang paham ler ada blogger yg bz dgn tanggungjwb masing2...ada gak blog yg jd dormant ..tak releasekan langsung result..huh, penat jer me join...ada lah 2-3 blog so far yg me terkena mcm ni...huh mcm2 hal..

-yg lagi boring, hadiah lambat dapat or even tak dpt langsung!!! Me still remember Zai Kulim siap buat entry khas psl benda ni...sbb dia menang byk tp organizer tak antar far ada satu contest yg me menang, tp still tak dpt2 hadiahnya, blognya pun dh dormant, and bila me email pun yilek, no response (Mama Icha bday giveaway..) ada saper2 kenal ker..

Me siap ada list pending keep track kan....setakat ari ni ada 15 pending gift kat dlm my list ni, ada yg on the way, ada yg belum post, ada yg ckp lambat nak pos sbb tak sempat gi pej pos...mcm2 citer :P

-kalau baby pic contest, memang subjective sbb almost all babies are born tgk nasib2 gak ada gak mommies yg sgt lucky sbb babies yg sgt outstanding mama sara..mama damia aleesya, mama aqeel (suziey)..byk betul menang baby contest kat blog...
me kurang bernasib baik dgn baby contest kat blog, sbb jrg2 menang (kurang cute pd mata jury:p blog)... tp rezeki me kalau nationwide contest and magazine dh byk kali gak my baby menang :) rezeki me kat situ :) tp sbb this year tak leh nak join, so tak dapek nak nolon

Some of most memorable, sweetest winnings from blog contest

-masa menang blog contest hari ibu last year organized by farah sarakids...sbb hadiah nya best ie 2d1n kat tiara beach resort PD + dpt playtent (harga around RM80)..and dia siap buat prize –giving masa sarakids open day!!

-memang photoshoot Deep Blue sgt sbb based on lucky draw, so mama emma @Deep Blue Lense amik one winner (out of 70 lebih contestants)..kiranya me sgt2 lucky to win..and PS tu plak sgt best, all pics lawa, me siap buat photobook!!

-menang t-shirt daddy-son (satu set) from minggu penyusuan ibu contest...t-shirt tu brand blessedmum, design+kaler sgt cantik!!, so me siap beli another 2 ie mommy-son plak, so cukuplah satu set family t-shirt- me &family pakai masa PS dgn Deep Blue Lense tu...

-menang beg from Secret Bargain/Baby Ibu contest- just recently, sbb me memang nak sgt menang beg Baby Phat tu, so bila dh menang, rasa mcm nak melompat2 heheh rasa ajer, tak de lah me melompat2 pun :p

-my ariff menang the cutest baby in green @ blog anje...sbb me spent some time BW to fish votes, and jury pun sudi pilih ariff sbg pemenang utama :) byk lg yg lil ariff menang, penat kalau nak tulis semua heheh

thn 2011 ni, utk jan,me dh menang 24 hadiah, and utk feb , 34 hadiah--memang rezeki mencuraha2 :) Alhamdulillah!

dlm byk2 yg termanis thn 2010 (last year), yg SUPER DUPER TERMANIS ialah bila me menang contest Nuffnang, bukan sekali, tapi 2 kali babe!! 1st, me menang World Coolest Intern. and 2nd time, baru2 ni, me menang Nuffnang-Jipaban Contest.

Dear Nuffnanger,

Thank you for your participation in the Jipaban - My 2010 Santarina blogging contest! Reading all your entries about the gifts you would buy for your loved ones gave us a warm and fuzzy feeling indeed during this holiday season :) We're glad to announce that we now have the results of the blogging contest, and they are as below:
1st prize - Lee Hui Yen (
2nd prize - Suzi Fadhilah Ismail (
3rd prize - Bernard Chung (

Consolation prizes:
Ellyn Lieu (
Ewin Chong (
Nor Iman bin Nazuki (
Sarah Tan (
Dympna John Singin (

Congratulations to all the winners! Thank you again for your participation, and a Merry Christmas to all of you from Nuffnang and Jipaban :)

Teoh Xinxian
Blogger Relations
Nuffnang Sdn. Bhd.

Nuffnang - Asia Pacific's First Blog Advertising Community

apa yg manis bila jadi pemenang Contest anjuran Nuffnang ni??
  • MANIS, BESHH BANGET, HEBAT DAN LEBAT -- both contests tu, based on creative entry, so kiranya juri2 Nuffnang rasa entry me ni creative lah--hebat tu!!!...and semua pun sedia al-maklum, tak mudah/agak sukar/payah jugaklah utk menang contest Nuffang which is based on creative entry--persaingan yg sgt sengit, plus bersaing gak dgn chinese comper yg sgt2 creative in doodling (like eggyolks etc)
  • and MANIS sbb dpt hadiah cash!! World Coolest Intern me dpt cash RM220, Nuffnang-Jipaban, me dpt cash RM300!!
  • MANIS, hebat+lebat, sbb bila result diumumkan, traffic blog me (blog utama yer, bukan blog contest ni) jd naik--ramai yg dtg terjah tgk my winning entry :) so dpt UV 700 lebih time hari me menang tu--blog me (Miles of Smiles) average UV 400-500 lebih ajer daily :p

~the end~


Nana said...

confirm menang! hhehee

Cute MuM said...

bestnya baca entry nie..
jeles sangat!
gud luck..n kompom menang punyalah..

♥ aNJe a.k.a MaMa_BaLQis ♥ said...

perh panjang giler sure leh mennag ni lom lagik citer bab2 menang contest kat luar kan....

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