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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Contest kisah dan lagu

me joining the above contest, due 6 april

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me tag:
cik puan hady

here is my entry...
Kisah silam me ada dlm lagu ni..

~Jangan Ada Benci, nyanyian Casey~


Andainya ada di antara kita nanti
Berubah hala serta janji
Jangan ada benci
Suka dan duka dilalui
Jadikan kenangan di sudut hati

Andainya cita-cita tidak kesampaian
Ikatan murni terputus di pertengahan
Jangan dikesalkan
Jangan lantaran kegagalan
Kita saling berdendam saling bermusuhan

Memusnahkan diri

Kita harus tabah dan bersedia
Cekal hadapi kemungkinan yang tiba
Kadangkala yang berlaku
Di luar kemahuan kau dan aku


Well...actually this is the song that I gave to a special friend a.k.a ex-bf (let me just call him "N")...
it's a long story..but to cut it short...our relationship was objected by my family although initially it was approved by them.
So when he was about to bring his Mom to see my family, my family declined, solely on the reason that he was a convert - yup, he was a Chinese Muslim, converting at the age of 20. Our relationship lasted for about 2 years, when I was in my final year at university..

So before I said goodbye to him, I gave him a letter, explaining why we had to break off, and in the letter, I wrote this lyric of the song Jangan Ada Benci -- i still remember how he cried when I told him that we had to break off--:( :( me crying--that one goes without saying :( :(

The last time I heard about him was when I gave him a call (just to tanya khabar) and he told me that he has already engaged to a Muslim girl, and he said that we won't be contacting each other anymore, as that is painful to him (to me too)...dunno whether he actually got married or not..but I do pray for his happiness and joyful marriage life.

Whenever I listen to this song, I would automatically remember him.
it's like 'auto-link'...he has been one of the kindest, special person that came into my he treated me nicely, how he pampered with all sorts of gifts, cards, even money--i never asked but he said he gave all that because he loves me and he wanna me to be his wife.. (he got a well paid job anyway)
(I don't want to write more about him, as it might offend my hubby in case he read this entry--I hope he would not read..)

Sounds sad story rite..
yep, sad but true, and it did happen to me,
and still fresh in memory, as if it just happened yesterday.
After all, all those kindness and sweet memories will last forever..till my last breath

To N, wherever u are, and though u do not read neither know about this entry,
I always pray that you become a pious Muslim (I know you do),
and I hope that Allah will always bless you with prosperity, success and happiness in life.
note : the above is 100% true story--my kenangan in the past--kenangan manis, tp pahit sbb terpaksa berpisah kerana my mom & my dad tak restu perhubungan me & 'N'


Ka_My said...

thx for join :)
gud luck ^^

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