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Saturday, 26 March 2011


me joining the above contest, due 30 Mac

to join, click HERE!

me tag:
cik puan hady

here is my pic entry...

yeszaa....saya suka shopping barang2 Disney!! :)
kat Msia biasanya me shopping bj Disney or apa2 brg disney kat Jusco
kat UK ni, makin menjadi2 hobi/kesukaan me ni sbb kat UK ada Disney Store--actually semua daerah kat UK pun ada Disney Store!!
pic kat atas tu me shopping2 kat Disney Store @Disneyland Paris!! heaven!!! sbb byk giller brg2 Disney, tp harga agak mahal :p me beli gaklah fridge magnet, key chain , house deco & toys for my kids :)


fatanahzakirah said...

gudluck dear,keep updatin my blog ye,,anyway,brg2 disney tu sgt3 comey!

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