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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Opening Giveaway@FashionTwister


-->>trendy-gorgeous-affordable ladies stuff for everyone to fall in love with! 

As my birthday is coming near,
I'm thinking of buying something for my birthday photoshoot – of course paid by hubby->my darling dear,
Online shopping spree of ladies stuff…that's for sure.

Fashion Twister is just a few clicks away,
Online shopping is really fulfilling - it makes my day!

Tops, shirts,  skirts - perfect for dressing
Bag, variety of bags - a lot of dazzling things
Korean fashion dresses… oh I’m amazed,
that’s a lotttt of dresses which one now to purchase??…!!

Simply precious gift of love a girl, a lady, a woman will ever need,
All the dresses collection are nice, fabulous and sweet,
A couple of new tops will complement my sneakers on my feet...
A lovely skirt for my wardrobe colletion, that’s a real treat!

A shelf full of trendy clothing for me.. my dear hubby wanna give,
So that me – her wifey sweetheart(that’s me!!) won’t run out of trendy clothes,  as long as me shall live ;)
Filling the shelf should not be hard -no need for a mall!,
Fashion Twister has it all!!!!

That's not the end of my posting,
Fashion Twister is currently having an Opening Giveaway- extremely interesting!!
Friends and bloggers, what are u all waiting?
I dream of winning ;)

the clothing especially the dress collection are really2 trendy & fabulous, perfect for a fashionista like me ;) and I fell in love with lots of dresses the moment I surf Fashion Twister
<<--Love at first sight!!!
To know is to love..
more reasons here..
I love to surf Fashion Twister…simply because…
the uber cool layout,
the affordable ladies stuff and whatnot;
the fantabulous TRENDY fashion buzz,
the coolest latest design and absolute musts;
a bunch of thanks for the Giveaway--to win will make my day
may Fashion Twister have a prosperous biz all the way!!


Amy Syaquena said...

sis jemput join serta contest sinar raudah ye.and amy klik ur hb..

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