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Wednesday, 23 March 2011


me joining the above contest, due 22 April

to join, click HERE!

here is my pic entry...

~me& my kesayangans~

me and my beloved boys (Zharfan & Ariff) & mr Hubby
me & my kesayangans semuanya pakai sedondon merah--tgh happy2 bergolek2 kat tmn putrajaya
time ni, weolls sedang berphotoshoot -- me menang contest Deep Blue Lense--dpt hadiah free photoshoot session ;)

Syiera bucuk & Afundee mucuk dua2 pun bucuk tapi cute sehhh jgn tak percaya
Syiera bucuk comel manis perempuan melayu terakhir --ayu..pandai bergaya
Afundee mucuk photograper professional kacak encem jejaka idaman Malaya
me doakan moga2 cepat naik pelamin bila dua2 bucuk dh bersedia ya!!!


**Sy!eRA_N** said...

wah..nice 1..suke slogan mama..thanx join yer...jom cekidout hadiah...

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