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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Contest " I love pink"

me joining the above GA, due 13 mac

to join, click HERE!

me tag:

here is my pic entry>>> pic me in pink--with some of my pinky stuff :)

~lil bit about the above pic ~
me memang peminat tegar kaler pink...
baju2 and my apparels 80% kaler pink..
in this pic, me posing pakai tudung pink and t-shirt pink
and obviously, me tgh posing dgn some of my stuff yg kaler pink
antaranya handbags pink, crocs pink, sandal pink, hp pink, skaf rambut pink, nightie pink, jam tgn pink, purse pink, coin purse pink, tote bag pink floral, bedroom slippers pink, snow hat pink, and bj2/dress yg terganting tu semuanya pink
ada byk lg stuff yg tak sempat di snap ke dlm pic ni :p
mata me sgt 'sensitif' dgn benda pink, mcm ada detector pink..
so bila pegi mana2 shopping complex or kedai, mata me akan scan and terus nampak benda2 kaler pink..
jom baca entry me a.k.a citer psl
I love pink!

PINK has always been my favourite colours...ever since I could remember...
Most of my stuff, esp my beloved stuff.... all are in PINK colour...

hmmmm....Tak percaya??

Let's see what's that I got in PINK..

My beloved Guess watch!

My super comfy Crocs (ori tau..beli kat Crocs outlet )

My IKEA bedroom slippers..
My beloved pair of Nike sneakers...(dh faded sbb dipakai dgn jayanya)

My gloves..(teman setia di musim winter)

My purse & coin bag

My all-time-fav skincare Crabtree & wangi and PINKY!

My sofa cover.throw is in PINK 
Even my Nokia hp housing is in PINK
 [pic dicilok  dari Mr Google, coz my actual Nokia HP model zaman kuno housingnya dh teramat worn out now - segan nak letak pic kat sini :p]

And of course my blog header - is also in PINK theme!
[see the above header :p]

If possible, I wanna have a PINK house...(Mr Hubby mesti tak setuju punya hheheh)

and a PINK car! -->bangga kalau dpt drive sporty PINK car like this!

and a PINK laptop..(in my wish list ni...tak tau tahun bila boleh dapat ;)
and a PINK wardrobe...-->sbb me tak de anak perempuan, so me buy for myself lah nanti ;)

talking about wardrobe, let me reveal a secret.....
-->>truthfully, 80% of my clothing( ie blouses, dresses, tudung, bj kurung, kebaya, nighties, pyjamas, trousers, panties) are in PINK colour!!the other 20% is in red, peach, blue, beige and purple, but none in green :p )

Tak percaya?? 
no jokes guys....let's see some of my fav outfits collection...of course all in PINK!


dan lagi

dan lagi

dan lagi

dan lagi

dan lagi...

dan lagi..

dan lagi...

dan lagi..

sila jgn pening muntah tgk pic baju2ku in PINK colour ni.. oh yer..even my handbag pun in PINK ;)---see dlm pic di atas..

so what's so special about PINK after all?
-->>ni hasil my research dgn En. Google -_-
PINK is the color of universal love. 

PINK is a quiet color. 
Lovers of beauty favour PINK
A PINK carnation means "I will never forget you".

PINK provides feelings of caring, tenderness, self-worth and love, acceptance
Source :

Ain't these facts sweet??!!
last but not least, believe it or not??...
 Some JUICY facts about PINK...

-->PINK represents sugar and spice and everything nice!!

[source :]

PINK people require affection and like to feel loved and secure;  PINK people tend to be charming and gentle !!

Before I pen off, I'm thrilled to know that there's also PINK song by Aerosmith...
here is partial of the lyrics...

"Pink, it's my new obsession, yeah
Pink, it's not even a question
Pink, on the lips of your lover
'Cause pink is the love you discover..."
-->ni my lil sweetheart in pink ;)
otti (sometimes)
erja-keras (to win this contest... hehehhe)



♥ aNJe a.k.a MaMa_BaLQis ♥ said...

memang leh jadik model pinky2 ni semua pink gitu...kalo ada lil girl harus la pink dari atas sampai bawah cam mamanya jugak

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