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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Contest Anakku Menangis Comel

me joining the above contest, due 1 april

to join, click HERE!
Here is my pic entry...

Baby's name : Ahmad Ariff Shah
Age : sethn 11 bln
mommy's name : Suzi @ Mama Zharfan

Lil bit about the pic :  
My Ariff was crying (nangis sesungguh hati ni...) because Mama paksa Ariff to pose whereas he didn't want to, coz it was extremely cold, snowy, wintry day...Mama biasalah, wanna capture Ariff's pic in sweetest misi gagal nampaknyer ;) dpt pic pose nangis ajer lah heheh
me tag
cik puan hady
cute mum


MamaEma said...

terima kasih sudi join....comelkan...

♥ aNJe a.k.a MaMa_BaLQis ♥ said...

alahai siannya dia kena dera dengan mama ye, dah nama comper harus anak jadik mangsa jadik model...sama lah cam kita selalu soh balqis posing

YAYA AZURA said...

comelnya nangis..geram je tengok...hihi

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