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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Contest : Hidup Saya Tak Sempurna Kalau Awk Tak Lengkapinyaa !

me joining the above contest, due 4 mac

to join, click HERE!

contest task:
  • letak jugak gmba korg + org tersayang ! . Korg boley edit pix tu mnjdi 1 okey ! 
  • Ceritakan knangan manis korg bersama org didalam gmbar tersebut

here is my entry..

dlm pic kat bwh ni, hidup me tak sempurna kalau org2 kat bwh ni tak lengkapinya..
Mr Hubby--chenta hati me, 
juga hero2 kecik me--Zharfan & Ariff

every single moment spent with hubby & kids adalah kenangna manis..
dlm pic ni, we were having great time together, jln2 sambil2 posing, guling2 in the park @putrajaya...
me suka sgt time when this sweet moments captured --mama & papa cium pipi lil Ariff, while Zharfan selambar jer dok atas belakang papa tu :)
we were clad in red outfit..sedondon, and we simply love red colour as it symbolizes 'keceriaan' for us!! yess...I'm thankful and proud to have such a happy, wonderful family yg sgt2 me sayangi with all my heart & soul..
why kenangan manis? sbb time ni, weolls sedang berphotoshoot -- me menang contest Deep Blue Lense--dpt hadiah free photoshoot session ;)
Hidup me tak sempurna kalau Mr Hubby, my soul mate tak lengkapinya... 
hidup me jadi sempurna sesudah termeterinya ikatan suci murni melalui lafaz akad nikah--
dgn Mr Hubby, kekasih, suami, kawan, teman :)
hidup me bertambah sempurna dgn kehadiran dua org putera--lambat cinta, bukti kasih  me & Mr Hubby
Syukur ke hadrat Ilahi kerana hidup me kini sempurna :) Alhamdulillah

me tag:
cik puan hady
miza yusof


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