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Saturday, 5 February 2011

My Hardworking Child/Children Contest

me joining the above contest, due 10 feb

to join, click HERE!

here is my pic entry..

-->mommy's little helper at the kitchen - rajin anak mama tolong mama basuh pinggan...;) siap berdiri kat atas kerusi lagi tu--sbb sinki kan tinggi :p

My boy's name : Ahmad Zharfan Shah
Age : 5 years old

actually, my boy ni overheard my conversation with Mr Hubby--me kind of bebel2 ckp "kita tak de gegirl, so saper nak tlg me basuh pinggan or buat keje umah nanti2..hehe" then Zharfan senyap2 jer dok basuh pinggan kat dapur tu...aisehh...dia paham rupanya time me bebel2 tu...
anyway, anak lelaki pun ok jer kan tlg mommy buat keje umah :)


transformed housewife said...

dtg check entri. anak lelaki pun boleh je tolong mama dia. My brothers ada 5 org, dr kecik diaorg dah biasa tolong buat kerja2 rumah juga sbb arwah mak nak semua org tolong buat kerja rumah.

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