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Saturday, 26 February 2011

I Love My Blog Contest

[sila click SINI utk join contest ni]

~W.H.Y. miles of smiles?~

sajer jer...nak citer kenapa my blog name is
me suka phrase ni sbb it rhymes and sounds sweet

me create blog ni  end 2007, initially for the purpose of meluahkan perasaan rindu me kat my boy Zharfan & hubby...kiranya mcm self-expression..masa first few months kat UK me cried everday..seksa berpisah dgn anak me yg masa tu umur 2 thn..
miles tu reflect jauhnya me & my beloved ones time tu..memang thousand of miles away pun UK-Msia
smiles tu to cheer me up ie lps luah perasaan so me akan happy sikit lah...

and then, balik msia march 2008, me lupakan langsung aktiviti blogging, sbb dh tak rindu2an kan...

me terbukak hati nak start blogging balik bila tgk my buddy comper ayuarjuna rancak join blog contest --thn 2009 tu...then me pun nak join jugak blog contest, so me pun made decision to revive my blog ni..

so now
miles still means me jauh dari msia..
smiles reflect all those happiness in my life - my family and my winnings & achievement in contest!! seboleh mungkin me tak nak letak benda2 sedih, tension or apa2 yg contrast dgn smiles kat blog me ni...kdg2 ada gak lah :p
and now me tgh bersemangat nak kumpul nuff plak..nak simpan dlm savings account my kids hasil nuff ni..tak kiralah berapa RM pun :p

that's all!!

and then, me pun google lah phrase miles of smiles ni..
ni yg me jumpa..

Miles Smiles is an album recorded in October 1966 by the second Miles Davis quintet. It is the second of four albums recorded by this quintet. (source : wikipedia)
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