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Saturday, 5 February 2011

If I Have RM100~

me joining the above contest, due 10 feb

to join, click HERE!

here is my entry...

~If I have RM100...~

--keterangan based on pic kat atas--

me nak beli family t-shirt utk me, hubby and our 2 kids..t-shirt tu ada dijual kat blog ni..
harga set of 4 t-shirt RM92, so ngam2 bajet RM100 tu

naper me beria2 nak beli family t-shirt ni?

sbb me ada 4 photoshoot this year (2011)!! all photoshoot tu with professional photographer hohoho--and all hasil me menang contest..;)
pic me&family kat atas tu pun photoshoot dgn Deep Blue Lense--hasil me menang blog contest gak thn 2009 :)
so kiranya RM100 tu me dpt beli one t-shirt for each of beloved person in my life, termasuk utk me gak :) :) besar maknanya RM100 tu...
and long lasting effect too, -->>bila dirakamkan moments weolls pakai posing2 dgn t-shirt tu time photoshoot nanti...

me tag:
ila mama amana


MahaMahu said...

Jom Mama joint contest kat my blog lak hadiah menarik tu..

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