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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

::Contest Lompat Si Katak Lompat::

me joining the above contest, due 8 april

to join, click HERE!

here is my pic entry..

aksi mak & anak melompat gaya bebas--sesungguh hati ni --kat tmn nama Mundy Park. 
apa yg spesel psl pic ni yer?
me melompat sambil pakai jaket winter yg sgt tebal kaler pink tu--
and kat belakang tu bukan simen yer, tp kolam yg mana airnya jd beku--ni pic masa awal jan 2011 (bln lps) yg mana masih lagi musim winter kat UK ni, and suhu adalah -ve 1C

me & my boy zharfan gigih buat aksi melompat and pic ni dirakam oleh my niece yg dtg bercuti kat UK time tu--her camera ada setting utk capture mode jumping2--my camera yilek--camera cap ayam ajer :p

me tag:
miza yusof
cik puan hady


penyisir rambut said...

thx akak...
wah...sgt sempoi la akak...
neway,gud lux akak..

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