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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Dunia Ayu: First Giveaway

me joining the above GA, due 17 mac

to join, click HERE!

blog ok, jer, comel
pilihan warna ikut taste masing2 me tak nak komen--taste me sukakan pastel kaler and ceria :)
may be boleh kurangkan widget2 kat sidebar utk bagi less messy
kebanyakan blog  yg popular/famous, widget sgtlah minimum/sikit
utk bagi cepat loading and nampak kemas :)
cth blog cik epal :) sbb blog remaja mcm Dunia Ayu kan :)

me tag:


-✿ Ayu ✿- said...

accepted...thanks join mama...
ayu mmg tgh pk ape widget yg perlu di buang...huhuhu

.:|kamaryeah|:. said...

singgah dr dunia ayu~
salam kenal~

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