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Friday, 18 February 2011

Contest "Owh, So Wonderful!" by Sophie Al-Yahya

me joining the above contest, due 20 feb

to join, click on the banner!

here is my pic entry

~moment : ter-over-excited jakun main lambung2 snow--ni masa main sledge/snowboard kat Wollatoon Park, Nottingham, UK (bln dec 2010)
what's so wonderful then? --->> dpt pegang, sentuh snow dgn tgn, tu siap buat snow balls and then main baling2 snow
also soooo wonderful bila tgk everything becomes white diliputi salji--putih seputih2nya...~

me tag:
cik puan hady


Sophie Al-yahya said...

waahhh..teringinnya nak pegang salji..

Wonderful, noted. Thanks for joining & good lyck =)

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