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Saturday, 19 February 2011

contest saya mahu bergaya!

me joining the above contest, due 23 feb

to join, click on the banner!!

my tagline:
saya suka gaya simple, santai, trendy--and saya adalah dress-holic a.k.a penggemar tegar dress ;)
tak percaya, sila tgk pics kat bwh ;)
 i feel good in dress ;)

pic #1 : tema santai

~dlm pic ni, me posing in one of my fav dress--
complemented with a pair of jeans(applemints), a denim jacket (Guess)and a tudung bawal of course, sbb me memang pakai tudung, so me suka dress sbb cutting dress kan labuh (cover my hips and butt)--
it fits me nicely--
and I guess it suits my age too ;)~

pic#2 : masih tema santai
~ni me posing kat tmn belakang umah me-- pakai another fav dress of mine..
me pakai jaket denim gak, tp this one bkn brand Guess (dh lupa brand apa--me beli kat Jusco)
complemented with blue denim jeans and my pink crocs--
sgt selesa, comfy pakai style gini..that's just me being myself!~

pic#3 : tema santai lagi~me in another dress --another fav ;)--
me suka dress ni sbb labuh lebih lutut ;) kaler putih and pinky2 flower-
me pakai jeans denim kaler itam, and my Guesss jaket again :)--see, me memang sgt sukaaaa pakai
dress--and me memang ada byk dress collection (penuh satu wardrobe dress ajer);)--
i'm just being myself when dressing mcm ni--
sbb rasa confident, selesa, and i feel good too!~

pic #4 : theme dinner

~me pakai dress kaler itam, ada bunga2 sulam rose kecik2 kaler merah,
so me matchkan dgn high heels merah, handbag merah and tudung merah.
dress ni cutting senget kat bwh, so me pakai legging itam to match this dress utk cover part of my betis tak nak bagi terdedah plak kan betis me yg gebus itu ;)~


me tag :
cute mum
miza yusof
cik puan hady


Anonymous said...

btw good luck :)


wah..bergayanya Akak ni

el-janna said...

xde la can la cam nih

nmpk mude tau

beautyinsilence said...

c0ngratz!!2nd winner :)

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