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Sunday, 5 December 2010


What is MLC Jewels?? 
-->>My Little Closet --gorgeous-elegant-personalized jewelry for everyone to keep falling in love with... 
again and again and again! !!

As my  special day is coming near,
I'm thinking of buying something for me – of course paid by hubby->my darling dear,
shopping spree of jewelry…that's for sure...

Thanks God! MLC is just a few clicks away,
Online shopping is really fulfilling - it makes my day!

Arabic Name Necklace
Arabic Name Necklace

14K Gold Name Necklace, personalized name rings
Steeling silver name necklace - a lot of things
Arabic name necklace, personalized name bracelet.. oh I’m amazed,
that’s a lotttt of jewelry, which one now to purchase??…!!

Simply precious gift of love a girl, a lady, a woman will ever need,
All the personalized jewelry are nice, fabulous and sweet,
An engraved personalized anklet is equally lovely for my feet...
a personalized photo jewelry for my hubby , that’s a real treat!

Embossed Name Ring
Embossed Name Ring


A personalized initial jewelry for my sister I dream  to give,
So that my lil sis won’t run out of nice jewelry,  as long as she shall live ;)
Giving a surprise, personalized treat now should not be hard -no need for a mall!,
My Little Closet has it all!!!!

That's not the end of my posting,
MLC is currently having a Giveaway- wow!! extremely interesting!!
Friends and bloggers, what are u all waiting?

these prizes of Sterling silver jewelry

Week 1: Sterling silver sparkling snowflake pendant with 18" box chain worth USD$18.36

Week 2: Tail me butterfly pendant with box chain and matching earring worth USD$26.40

Week 3: Vermeil flower pendant with 18" box chain and vermeil earring worth USD$30.83

Week 4: Sterling silver pearl drop pendant with 18" box chain and matching bracelet worth USD$41.79

I dream of winning ;)

To know is to love..
Flower pendant, Vermeil collection
Flower pendant, Vermeil collection

LEP 0040


Pearl drop earring
Pearl drop earring

LEE 0030


Pearl drop pendant
Pearl drop pendant

LEP 0030


Silver and Pearl bracelet
Silver and Pearl bracelet

LEB 0010


I do love MLC…simply because…
I’m a big fan of all kinds of jewelry! I believe most women are!

But most importantly
I'm truly in love with MLC because…

Sparkling Snowflake pendant
Sparkling Snowflake pendant

LEP 0010


Sterling silver 18" box chain
Sterling silver 18" box chain

LEC 0010


Tail me butterfly earring
Tail me butterfly earring

LEE 0010


Tail me butterfly pendant
Tail me butterfly pendant

LEP 0020


the simple cool layout,
the affordable, genuine, personalized jewelry and whatnot;
the coolest stuff and absolute musts;
the first of its kind,
the very cool kind;
a bunch of thanks for having the giveaway
may u have a prosperous biz all the way!!

Vermeil earring collection
Vermeil earring collection
LEE 0040


Ogy said...

salam mama...

mama dapat hadiah utk contest saya...kalo boleh tgglkan address kt blog hadiah tu lambat sket...sbb tungggu suami balik nk pergi crik.....

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