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Friday, 17 December 2010

Ms & Mr Red Ribbon Tee Shirts Giveaway!

hohoho 11 tee shirts hadiahnyer!
to join, click on the banner

Me nak join

Me follow blog Ms Red Ribbon nie masa me join contest to win Fuji Underwater Camera the other day (tq tq sbb pilih me as the winner) now me nak join GA plak.

Masa blogwalking kat web Red Ribbon, me selalu usha2 baju2 untuk myself--me jenis giller beli baju..rasa tak pernah cukup bj me wpun dh ada 3 almari hehehhe.
oh yer...kat Red Ribbon Boutique bukan ada baju untuk perempuan sahaja tapi untuk lelaki pon ada!
anyway, ni some of female clothings/dress yg me terjatuh chenta

Material : Cotton and Jaring
Size : recommended for M-small L
Color : Flowery Green
Inner attached inside
RM 32 incl. shipping

Material : Lycra alike and Jaring
Size : recommended for M-small L
Color : Black
Inner attached inside
Ribbon belt not included, can wear clincher if you want
RM 32 incl. shipping

Knee length dress with lace ribbon details
Best fit S-M
Available in Brown color only
RM 35 incl. shipping

so nice!!!
banyak lagi pilihan bj2 utk ladies tau , sila terjah SINI yer...

me tag:


miza yusuf


Ms and Mr Red Ribbon said...

mz, thank u dah join yer...
mekaseh banyak2...
tunggu keputusan tuan random :)

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