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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

GiveAway Haven Restaurant Cash Voucher From

me joining the above GA, due 31 dec

to join, click HERE!

GA task:

Create 1 Entry bertajuk GiveAway Haven Restaurant Cash Voucher From" (
(sertakan sebab kenapa anda mahukan voucher ini)

here is my entry....
(sila click kat atas pic/imej utk bacaan yg lebih jelas)

last but not least, tqvm, terima kasih daun keladi to Bro Eyriqazz for having the Giveaway, and many thanks to Haven Restaurant for generously sponsoring the Giveaway!


Eyriqazz said...

salam mama zharfan,

honestly this is entry paling best saya baca untuk give away ini..ada chance menang kategori entry terbaik menang hadiah istimewa ni..hik3..oppss...tak janjila...tgk penyertaan yang lain juga..

but, i really love this entry....hik3..kreatif juga u ni ya mama zharfan,join la contest nuffnang..u ada chance menang...hik3...

akmafaizal said...

sebab tulah mama zharfan banyak menang hadiah..caiyokk...:P

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