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Sunday, 26 December 2010

d'Rainbow Closet Big December Giveaway!!!!

What is d'Rainbow Closets ?? 
-->>gorgeous-affordable-designer inspire stuff
for everyone to keep falling in love with... 
again and again and again! !!

As the new year is coming near,
I'm thinking of buying something for me – of course paid by hubby->my darling dear,
Online shopping spree of ladies stuff…that's for sure...

 Thanks God! d'Rainbow Closet is just a few clicks away,
Online shopping is really fulfilling - it makes my

Tops, dresses, lenses and leggings
 Purses, vintage items - a lot of things
Sling bags, shoulder bags, handbags and handbags.. oh I’m amazed,
that’s a lotttt of handbags which one now to purchase??…!!

Simply precious gift of love a girl, a lady, a woman will ever need,
All the designer inspire handbags are nice, fabulous and sweet,
A pair of leggings are equally lovely for my feet...
A pink designer wallet for a me--a stylo mummy , that’s a real treat!

A shelf full of clothing for me ; --my Hubby wanna give,
So that his beloved wifey won’t run out of nice clothes,  as long as me shall live ;)
Filling the shelf now should not be hard -no need for a mall!,
d'Rainbow Closet has it all!!!!

That's not the end of my posting
d'Rainbow Closet is having a Big December Giveaway... wow!! extremely interesting!!
Friends and bloggers, what are u all waiting?

I dream of winning ;)

 Purple colour. Worth RM39

-->>well….dresses have always been my fav collection of clothing..and the design of the dress is really2 fabulous; 
I fell in love the moment I saw it <<--Love at first sight!!!

To know is to love..

I do love d'Rainbow Closet…simply because…

the simple cool layout,
the affordable, designer inspire stuff and whatnot;
the fantabulous Korean & Taiwan fashion buzz,
the coolest tops, dresses and absolute musts;
a bunch of thanks for generously having the giveaway
may misDalila have a prosperous biz all the way!!

last but not least, my short review utk d'Rainbow Closet

my 1st observation : header sweet, nice & simple. I like :)

2nd observation : pic products dh ok...
My cdgan : if possible, may be u boleh letak pics some of best-seller products kat sidebar utk tarik perhatian potential buyer/customer.

One more cadangan : may be boleh buat sale utk selected products.>>.good method/technique to attract customers.if u like, boleh buat entry khas utk list of sale items, one or two items on sale pun ok... and jadikan entry sale items as sticky post, so that saper2 yg terjah blog ni akan terus nampak apa2 item on sale. perkataan "SALE" tu agak berhantu bg golongan wanita shopaholic :) and if possible, buat sale every month or may be every 2 months, so that visitors/new or repeat customers akan alert and keep on coming to ur blog...

More suggestions:

If possible, may be boleh masukkan widget 'mailing subcription' and encourage visitors/customers to subscribe. (can google about how to put this on ur blog). benefit : setiap kali ada new entry esp posting on new products, subscribers akan dpt email. actually, widget ni adalah option, on top of being followers to keep updated with the latest product/new items kat d'Rainbow Closet

And me harap u boleh tambah more collection of products, for example, more dresses (me dress-holic hehehehe)  for wider options to customers to surf, choose & buy. Existing collection dh ok, cuma kalau lg byk lg OK!!



DALILA said...

Penyertaan diterima.
Terima kasih Mama Zharfan atas cadangan2 yang bernas!! thumbs up :)

DALILA said...

Salam..Tahniah..Mama Zharfan menang.
Nnt email kat saya nama, alamat n HP no ke Tq

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