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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Giveaway @Abby Online Shop

me joining the above GA, due today (15 dec)

to join, click HERE!

GA tasks:
Task #1 : 
Komen Sedikit Pasal Blog Abby Online Shopping (yang membina )

Here are my observation, opinion & suggestions.

my 1st observation : header sweet, tapi terlalu simple and tak byk info bila tgk header tu...
Cdgan : may be boleh touch up header agar nampak lebih menarik, gorgeous and professional, sbb header adalah 1st impression utk saper2 jer yg dtg blog u. and if possible, put in header description jugak to highlight special feature of Abby Online Shopping  as an e-shoppe for bag lovers (e.g : "all your dream bags to fall in love with" ni cth ajer :)

2nd observation : pic products dh ok...
My cdgan : if possible, boleh letak pics model menggayakan ur product /all kinds of bags, so akan nampak lebih menarik perhatian (u may urself pose as a model or mintak tlg some of ur frens ;)) , if possible, letak some of best-seller products kat sidebar utk tarik perhatian potential buyer/customer.

3rd observation :may be boleh adakan sale, like opening sale (cth ajer) of  good methods to attract customers.
My cdgn : may be boleh buat entry khas utk list of sale items (even if only one item on sale pun ok, jer, tak semestnya byk2 items on sale kan), and jadikan entry sale item as sticky post, so that saper2 yg terjah blog ni akan terus nampak apa2 item on sale. perkataan "SALE" tu agak berhantu bg golongan wanita shopaholic :) and if possible, buat sale every month or may be every 2 months, so that visitors/new or repeat customers akan alert and keep on coming to Abby Online Shop.

More suggestions:

If possible, may be boleh masukkan widget 'mailing subcription' and encourage followers/customers to subscribe. (can google about how to put this on ur blog). benefit : setiap kali ada new entry esp posting on new products, subscribers akan dpt email.

And me harap u boleh tambah variety and collection of products  for wider options to customers to surf, choose & buy. Existing collection as a starting point dh ok, cuma kalau lg byk lg OK!!

Task#2 : 
Kenapa pihak Abby Online kene bagi Hadiah ni kat korang..??

jwpn me ada kat bwh ni..sila click kat atas pic/imej utk bacaan yg lebih jelas ;)

Task #3: 
Ucapan yang terbaek tuk Blog ini

ni ucapan tulis ikhlas dari me utk Abby Online Shop 

me ucapkan selamat maju jaya..
and me doakan ..may u have a prosperous biz the whole year..
and many2 thanks for the Giveaway yer dear..
kalau ada rezeki me to be the winner, me ucapkan terima kasih yg tak terhingga..
and me pasti teruja hati jd berbunga2..
senyum manis comel sampai ke telinga pastinya..
secomel beg @ Abby Online Shop!
"i L.O.V.E  Abby Online Shop simply becoz..."
variety of bags....lots of bagssss so inviting, 
  generous giveaways super exciting,  
all the bags a woman ever I desire,    
an e-shop by a dedicated biz-woman -- I really admire!


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