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Saturday, 25 December 2010

1st TupperwareVille GiveAway

me joining the above GA, due 31 dec

to join, click HERE!

GA Task #2:
  • Jawab soalan2 dibawah :
  • - Sudah menjadi ahli tupperware? Tidak
  • - Berminat untuk mendapatkan barangan Tupperware? Ya!!!
  • - Dimana selalu membeli barangan tupperware?Kirim kat my sis (kakak) ajer, sbb dia ada ramai kwn2 yg jual Tupperware ;)

last but not least,

I'm one of many (millions I guess) happy, proud customers/users of Tupperware brand..

yess...saya suka , yakin, bangga menggunakan brand Tupperware kerana…
kualitinya seiring dengan gaya, jenama terkemuka dulu kini dan selamanya, rekaan mempesona hati teruja!”

Trustworthy, Unique, Perfect storage, Pleasurable, Eye-catching, Reliable, Wonderful, All-time-my-favourite, Reasonably priced, Excellent!”

I hope to win this TupperwareVille 1st Giveaway (who doesn't want to win anyway..:p
as Tupperware has been my favourite brand since time immemorial  
and the product has always been my family choice 
for perfect, practical and stylish food storage and container
 ~~I wanna win because I LOVE TUPPERWARE!!!~~

Prayfully, luck will shine on me to be one of the winners. 
To TupperwareVille thanks a bunch for the giveaway! 
May u have prosperous biz all the way. 
Happy judging ;)


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