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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Adrini’s First Annversary Contest

me joining the above contest, due 31 dec

to join, click HERE!

generous sponsors for this contest are:

genius baby on board

pati perfume for all

Adrini's Anniversary Contest

>>>>me join category A (lucky draw based)

Category A
  1. Open for all guys, girls, ladies and gentleman.
  2. Winners are selected by a LUCKY DRAW.
  3. Each one below qualify you to get more chances for the LUCKY DRAW:
  • Put contest banner in your blog’s sidebar with link back to this contest page. – 1 chance.DONE
  • Must create one entry for this contest “Adrini’s First Annversary Contest” with links from our sponsors and
  • Add and contest sponsors link in your blog – 1 chance (per link) DONE
  • Add in your bloglist – 1 chance.DONE
  • Put link entry in your FaceBook (notes/status/wall,etc.) – 1 chance.
  • Follow adrini’s in networkblog – 1 chance. DONE
  • Put link entry in your Twitter – 1 chance.
  • Like Adrini’s page in FaceBook – 1 chance.DONE (id : Suzi Fadhilah)


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