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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Contest Sempena Anniversary & Birthday |Khas Buat Isteri Tercinta

me joining the above contest, due 17 dec.

details click HERE!

To Tn. Punya, i'd like to suggest the following stuff as wedding gift merangkap bday present for u beloved wife ;) of course all the items listed below within the total budget of RM300!!

FIRST : a romantic anniversary cum bday dinner  or even hi-tea kat mana restoran yg ada romantic setting mood, cth terbaik...'above the clouds' --at revolving restaurant KL Tower - (ni i letak  adik i punya wedding anniversary pic...

REASON : sbb nak celebrate double celebration ni --anniversary & bday ur wife kat tempat yg extra special, she will definitely have a sweet, memorable day here....memang bestlah kalau u treat ur wife mkn kat sini  ;) bukan selalu pun myself plan to celebrate my annivresary or my hubby's bday next year kat sini :p kos dinner for 2 pax around RM250, if hi-tea, cost for 2 pax around RM160, tp kena buat reservation tau!! and on top of anniversary-bday dinner/ hi tea, plus the following item

SECOND : a bouquet of roses!!! cost around RM50 (boleh beli kat mana2 florists pun, actual price depending on how many roses u wanna buy),

REASON : women and flowers are esp red roses is lambang cinta kasih u utk ur wife, lagipun bukan everyday u beli bunga kan, just utk special day like anniversary &  bday :)
and on top of dinner/hi-tea and flowers, plus the following jugak yer...

THIRD : few suggestions: pilih yg mana sesuai...

a set of body care set yg sgt wangi, cantik, lovely...brand Crabtree & Evelyn, cost around RM100,

REASON ; women suka benda2 wangi and cute lovely like this...feel good bila rasa wangi, u pun mesti happy tgk wife u cantik wangi senyum gembira kan.. :p

alternatively, if the above is not suitable, can also give a nightie (brand La Senza paling recommended)

REASON ; most women fell good kalau pakai nightie yg cantik2...tidur pun lena dgn senyuman, u pun suka kan tgk wife cantik (plus seksi :p)

or if still tak sesuai, can give a pearl jewellery set (Sabah freshwater pearls- byk jer jual online, me pernah beli these sets, priced RM95)!

REASON : women suka jewelleries, tak semestinya gold jugak tukar2 pakai gold, pakai silver, pakai pearl...i guess ur wife mesti suka pakai these kan...hopefully!

or alternatively, kalau tak nak bagi brg2, boleh bagi an experience to remember cthnya.....go for spa couple - sbb wedding anniversary (and bday) both wife & u deserve such a treat, relaxing one!! byk jer spa couple kat msia ni ;) kalau kat KL/Selangor, memang byk choice ( ada kat Shah Alam, kat Ampang, kat Wangsa Maju etc)

so total hadiah ie bday dinner/hi-tea plus flowers plus skincare set/nightie/pearl set/spa couple = plus minus RM300!!


Tn.Punya said...

wah memang menarik ni.. tq ye bagi idea ni.. restoran KL tower tu.. macam menariklah..nanti nak g servey2lah.. ok...good luck for the contest

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