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Thursday, 23 June 2011

My Romantic Moments Giveaway!

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here is one of my pics --MY ROMANTIC MOMENTS

~me& mr hubby kat bwh eiffel tower~

romantic ..why?? 
sbb paris kan romantic city/city of romance, so bila dh jejak kaki kat situ, otomatik rasa romantic ngeh ngeh ngeh
sejujurnya, being in paris ni salah satu my golden dreams in life--so mr hubby telah bekerja keras utk menanggung segala kos cuti2 paris ni--demi memenuhi impian me (isteri terchenta) :) 
weolls melawat Paris pd Mac 2011--beberapa bln yg lps :)
and Mr hubby ni jrg2 nak pose romantic2 ni time posing, tp kat Eiffel Tower, dia otomatik posing romantic2 :) :) kenangan seumur hidup--utk tatapan di hari tua nanti :)


dela said...

bestnya jenjalan Paris.....:)

Anonymous said...

waww!! jelesnyeeee~
heee checked!
sorry yg follower tu xperasan pulak xde...skrg dh ade dh..:)

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