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Monday, 13 June 2011

I like Nippon Paint because it is synonymous with colours of innovation, quality and incomparable beauty!

I have always loved my home...

I'm forever in love with my bedroom, from the very first moment I moved in last 3 years with my beloved ones..

The love never fades, but..

the wall of the room is dull, plain whitey, BORING
I need to spice it up, making it more exciting..
the furniture is out of date too...what should I do..
I wanna make it sparkling, interesting, outstanding...

but how, how and how..I keep on thinking..
no answer for me, and nobody's is helping..

one lovely nite I was driving alone.. mile after mile,
suddenly on one billboard...I saw lots of cute Blobbies,
they made me smile..

arriving home, I quickly turned on my lappy
googling for the cutey lil Blobbies that made me happy
yayyy adorable Blobbies belong to Nippon Paint, and I was  heartily giggling
and that's not the end of my finding...
my excitement doubles when I found out one more thing
Nuffnang and Nippon Paint are having a contest
yess...seeing is believing

to know is to love...
I had a crush with cute lil Blobbies

now I wanna go digging about Nippon Paint.. googling and googling
and here is my fun discovery
"With more than 129 years of experience in paint technology, Nippon Paint is pleased to bring you advanced paint technology to protect and beautify your world

Green Choice Series
Our work goes hand in hand with a sustainable future for all.
Formulated with the wellness of the environment and your health in mind, our Green Choice Series comprises of water-based, no added lead and mercury, and near-zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) coatings."

and here I am, writing a special dedicated entry
winning this contest is gonna be unforgettable, sweetest memory
please..Nippon Paint, make my dream comes true
no other paint  in the world is as good as you
and of course no other blobbies in the whole galaxy are as cute as you!

I Like Nippon Paint because....

the name "NIPPON" is synonymous with quality, innovation, safety, colours of incomparable beauty,
thus giving assurance and peace of mind to me and my family,
knowing that wherever we have Nippon Paint for every single part of our home, we can rest, relax happily,
our haven will always be guaranteed of highest standard of safety and weatherability
If there's one paint to be named innovative product of the year
there's no other name could be more qualified that NIPPON PAINT! that's for sure ..

let's all fall in love with cute Blobbies by clicking on FACEBOOK Nippon Paint Blobbies page


mamasuri said...

gud luck..hehehe..
umah saya pun camtu gak..huhuhu

♥♥azatiesayang ♥♥ said...

salam suzie..Good Luck yer!

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