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Wednesday, 15 June 2011


me joining the above GA, due tonite

to join, click on the banner!!

are u a dressholic??
yes I am!!!

being a dressholic sometimes stressful..coz it's always a hassle to go out to shop...

kini tidak lagi..yayyyy

me dh temui jalan penyelasaian terbaik!!!!

guess what??
me dh jumpa satu blogshop a.k.a online boutique...with myriads of collection...
and part paling besh..
tak merabakkan poket me yg tak berapa tebal ni :p


ada apa dengan Bifa's Collezion?

B - Bedazzling Beautiful Best
I - Inviting Impressive Ideal
F - Fascinating For Fashionista
A - All Are Amazingly Affordable!

To know is to love..
tak kenal maka tak cinta..
jom kenal2 jap...

  • Kami buat pengkhususan blog supaya nampak lebih kemas,tidak berat untuk loading serta memudahkan anda shopping mengikut category.

dh kenal kan?? so besh tak baju2 kat Bifa's Collezion ni??

seeing is believing...jom skodeng...


nak skodeng byk2, silalah ringan2kan jari runcing anda utk click:

jangan tak percaya yer...hampir kesemua baju kat Bifa's Collezion tu berharga bawah RM40!!! 
unbeliveable?? believe it!!!

tq for reading!!

special anniversary wishes for Mrs Bifa..


wannurfazrini said...

hello, gdluck for give away ni :)

dyah16 ! said...

gudluck. wee~

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