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Friday, 17 June 2011

Contest Gambar Giler Pink

me joining the above GA, due 20 june
to join, click on the banner!

me tag:
cik puan hady

here is my pic entry--pic me & brg2 PINK kesayangan me..

yesza...apa2 jer brg me yg kaler pinky2 semuanya me syg!!
me memang peminat tegar kaler pink...
baju2 and my apparels 80% kaler pink..
in this pic, me posing pakai tudung pink and t-shirt pink
and obviously, me tgh posing dgn some of my stuff yg kaler pink
antaranya handbags pink, crocs pink, sandal pink, hp pink, skaf rambut pink, nightie pink, jam tgn pink, purse pink, coin purse pink, tote bag pink floral, bedroom slippers pink, snow hat pink, and bj2/dress yg terganting tu semuanya pink
ada byk lg stuff yg tak sempat di snap ke dlm pic ni :p
mata me sgt 'sensitif' dgn benda pink, mcm ada detector pink..
so bila pegi mana2 shopping complex or kedai, mata me akan scan and terus nampak benda2 kaler pink..

saya follow blog arieysha chan kerana
saya nak join contest pink ni
kebetulan plak ariesya chan suka pink, me pun suka pink, so boleh jd geng!!


arieysha chan said...

thnx join,....gud luck k!

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