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Thursday, 30 June 2011

[ Contest ] Anda Bagi Gambar , Prince Bagi RM50 !!!

1 ) Gambar Kenangan Terindah Bersama Keluarga

ni pic me & family--masa bergolek2 photoshoot kat taman putra jaya


ame elms ! said...

hello there ! ame singgah sini dari Senarai Peserta Yang Join Contest RM50 ya anjuran . ;)

wahh , what a wonderful pictures you have here ! nice one ohh . and good luck ya ! wish you all the best ! :0

have a nice day ahead of you and take care . ohh , jemput singgah blog ame pule kalau free . :)


igt kt oversea td. hehehehe.. Happy family.. ;p Mommy punya macam ni pulak..

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