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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

GA : Abg Irfan 5th Birthday

click banner to join
due date : 6 july

cdgn hadiah bday:
(1) boleh bwk gi jln2 sambil main mcm2 rides kat indoor+outdoor park --Genting Highlands, tak pun kat Cosmo World--indoor theme park kat Berjaya Times Square (me pernah bwk my boy dtg sini--besh!!)
(2) boleh bukak akaun simpanan yippie maybank or apa2 savings a/c kalau belum ada--so dpt duit boleh ajar abg irfan simpan/menabung
(3) boleh bagi hadiah baju yg branded--apa2 brand yg besh mcm Pumpkin Patch, GAP ori dari butik GAP etc, so boleh guna sbg baju raya gak nanti :)

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Lulu Caldina said...

kak, tahniah.. :)

aNiM said...


Wahida said...

Tahniah kak!! :D

BB Luvs Me said...

nice picture of ur boy!

BB Luvs Me

BB Luvs Me said...


It is a lucky draw. You can comment as many times as you want as long as you follow all the rules!

BB Luvs Me Team

wani johari said...

salam...tq join n gud luck ye. tq 4 ur suggestion.... menarik...

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