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Saturday, 5 February 2011

The Most Memorable Moment Contest

me joining the above contest, due 6 feb

to join, click on the banner or just click HERE!

here is my entry
~the most memorable moment for me depicted in this pic~

a picture can tell thousand words...
pic ni ialah semasa 'Anugerah Penghargaan Buat Ibu' event organized by year 2007--di mana my mom antara 3 finalists and telah dinobatkan sbg pemenang tempat kedua utk anugerah tu...
it's not really the matter of hadiah, tp penghargaan that really counts..
why most memorable moment?
it is the moment that I share my happiness with all my loved ones in my life,
the moment which me pay tribute to the only queen in my heart,
where me show my appreciation publicly..
sbb me yg nominate my mom utk anugerah ni :)
and pastinya moment terindah yang tidak akan me lupakan sampai bila2...

some corat-coret most memorable moment during that event:

our family all dressed in 'red'...sedondon one whole family...semua attend, yg tak dpt attend kirim wakil like my eldest sister kirim wakil her daughter to attend this anugerah penghargaan event...we come from big family sbb we all 7 beradik..and hampir semua dh kawin with anak pinak ;)...why red? coz my mom suka kaler red...her fav kaler...
ni event masa my late dad masih dad bangga sgt dgn my mom, sampai suruh me calonkan my mom utk anugerah ibu mithali :p

tukang bagi /penyampai anugerah is cik puan julita aisyah...dpt tgk her live...she's simply gorgeous ayu jelita soft-spoken...siap cium my mom lagi masa pakaikan selendang slps announce as 2nd prize winner tu

of course the other memorable part is hadiah kan...lumayan actually kalau total up semua money in form of amanah samah (we cash out later), south sea pearl, voucher percutian kat pangkor, voucher spa, hamper Avon, hamper AOWA, hamper mknan apa ntah..lupa plak, bouquet of flowers, plaque, cert and selendang eksklusif...

last but not least...of course event ni most memorable sepanjang hayat sbb me dpt gembirakan my mom...and my whole family...sharing is caring kan...and tak semua org dpt merasai pengalaman like this :)


Areef Ibn Naim said...


tq sudi follow blog sy...

tq sudi join contest ni...

tahniah atas pengiktirafan yg diperoleh tu... tu besar sekali pengorbanan seorang ibu, sehingga layak diiktiraf sebegini rupa oleh anak-anaknya...

salam ukhwah n salam perkenalan...

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