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Saturday, 5 February 2011


me joining the above GA, due 4 april

to join, click HERE!

GA task :

a) ape hadiah yg korang akan belikan kpda parents korang time besday diorang?? (for your mum's n your dad's) 
my mom--biasanya me beli handbag, or tudung, or brooch or me tanya jer apa2 benda yg my mom nak ;)
for my late dad, masa ayah me masih hidup, me beli brg2 aksesori keta, cthnya perfume keta ;)
b) ape hadiah yg pling special yg korang penah dpt?? sertakan pic keyh..:)
 antara hadiah  paling spesel yg pernah me dpt ialah..
Mr Hubby buat suprise time bday me--dia bagi hadiah sejambak fresh roses and bday card ;) --special sbb me tak pernah dpt bunga dari Mr Hubby sblm ni..and special sbb suprise tu :)
ni picnya..

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