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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Contest Showing Your Love

me joining the above contest, due today (15 feb)

to join, click HERE!

penaja utama contest ini ialah

here is my pic entry..

dlm pic ni, org2 yg me syg ialah Mr Hubby--chenta hati me, juga hero2 kecik me--Zharfan & Ariff
we were having great time together, jln2 sambil2 posing, guling2 in the park @putrajaya...
me suka sgt time when this sweet moments captured --mama & papa cium pipi lil Ariff, while Zharfan selambar jer dok atas belakang papa tu :)
we were clad in red outfit..sedondon, and we simply love red colour as it symbolizes 'keceriaan' for us!! yess...I'm thankful and proud to have such a happy, wonderful family yg sgt2 me sayangi with all my heart & soul..
kenapa me menyayangi org2 dlm pic ni yer??
ni jwpnnya...


Nisa' Azman said...

tahniah MZ!! Kite dua menang hadiah saguhati utk contest nie.. Pihak sponsor yg sndri handpick tau!! Cpat gi tgk kat blog ummisofea~... ^_^

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