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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Contest Senyum Paling Ceria

me joining the above contest, due 31 mac

to join, click HERE!

here is my pic entry...

pic me and my lil Ariff senyum versi paling ceria riang ria over-excited jakun --
ni masa pegi apple picking (pick your own) kat ladang epal kat Retford, Nottingham UK.
so emak+anak sama GUMBIRA mcm2 kanak2 ribena sbb 1st time dpt memetik epal sesuka hati and siap FREE EATING jugak ie sambil petik sambil mkn sampai kenyang mcm ldg bapak kami plak--time ni, hujan gerimis, so kami sefamily jer yg dok petik epal dlm hujan tu :p

me tag:
ayu ibudamia aleesya
cik puan hady


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