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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Contest Cuti2 Malaysia By Niniezane

me joining the above contest, due 28 feb

to join, click HERE!

me nak suggest tempat ni utk Niniezane pegi cuti2 msia:
Nama tempat & lokasi:  
Water Chalet, Bukit Merah Laketown Resort, Perak

Pergi dengan siapa:  
me dh pegi sini 3 times in total so far....
1st time with my sis &her family to celebrate my birthday, 
2nd time with my hubby , 
3rd time with my younger brother and sister.
-->>>tak jemu2 me dtg sini sbb byk aktiviti :)
when I went there for 2nd time, it was for my honeymoon (July 2004), just after the wedding --> We went to few destinations for our honeymoon actually
-->>> pendek kata, tmpt ni sesuai utk cuti2 family or even cuti2 romantik pun :)

Pengalaman menarik/romantik  & facilities yg disediakan:
The water chalet at Bukit Merah Laketown resort is superb!! 
I would give 5 star rating for the magnificent room, courteous staff, special buggy service for guests staying at the Water Chalet. 
Romantic activities here include sunset cruise (on a rented private boat). 

The buffet breakfast sgt sedapp!!! – the floating café which is attached to the water chalet is marvelous, the ambience and setting gave us the romantic mood too!

Aktiviti yg sgt beshh utk family :
boat ride on the large lake, 
visit to Orang Utan island cum sanctuary, 
sight-seeing at the zoo, 
riding chair lift, 
duck feeding, 
waterplay at the waterpark 
>>me dh buat/try all the above activities!! 
sgt beshh, fun, enjoy abess!

fees :  
utk melawat pulau org utan, fees is RM25 per adult
ecopark : RM14 per adult
Eco Combo Package
Includes the following:
Eco Park, Orang Utan Island, Chairlift or Skycycle.
(Valid for 3 days with one entry per park)
Ticket Prices Normal Rate
Child (below 90cm)

more details here
plus factor of Bukit Merah Laketown Resort :
it is located very2 near to the highway, ie very short distance after we exit the highway! 
so tak penat sgt kalau nak drive, sbb lalu highway ajer kan :)

Souvenir : 
ada kedai souvenir yg besar dlm resort tu, so boleh beli apa2 jer like t-shirt, mug, keychain, fridge magnet.
utk mkn2, kalau tak nak mkn kat cafe dlm resort, boleh mkn kat restoran/warung2 kat luar resort--sgt sedap + murah!! me mkn char kuew teow meletops--teringat2 kesedapan sampai ari ni tu..

actually, ada byk pilihan jenis2 bilik kat resort ni, me stay kat water chalet tu--mahal gak ratenya per nite (dlm rm500 kalau tak silap), me menang contest dari TV9, so me stay free ajer. 
masa me pegi 1st time, me duduk kat bilik biasa (deluxe room rasanya), harga bilik dlm RM200 ++, tp biliknya sgt luas,besar, spacious!! ada 2 katil double plus one sofa bed tu!! so choice of room depending on ur budget! kalau stay kat water chalet, layanan VIP --nak bergerak ke mana2, terus call buggy, dpt welcome drink, dpt alat megail free jer utk memancing--me tak reti nak memancing ikan tu...staff hotel layan giller mesra (siap ckp dgn me --those yg stay lat water chalet tu memang dpt layana extra sbb bilik mahal hehehh)

jom layan pics

me tag:
miza yusof
cute mum


Nana said...

good luck..
entry ni penah menang contest kan hehe


salam mama zharfan, tq for join contest by niniezane..tmpat yg menarik..ninie pnah pegi dlu...anyway..gud lak...

niniezane said...

Salam, keputusan dh kluar. Lihat di...

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