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Thursday, 3 February 2011

:: Be urSelf Contest ::

"Be urSelf Contest"

me joining the above contest, due 24 feb

to join, click on the banner

contest task:
letak jek pic korg posing ngan cara korang. "be urself" la katakan. Minimum pic adalah 1 dan Maximum pic adalah 3 jek yer. lebih2 kang aku rambang mata plak. ha ha ha. dan jgn lupe cite la ckit pasal gambar tu yer. ;)

sbb puan penganjur kata boleh letak max 3 gambar, so me letak 3 gambar me posing2 ;)

pic #1

~dlm pic ni, me posing in my fav outfit--
a dress, a pair of jeans(applemints), a denim jacket (Guess)and a tudung bawal of course--
it fits me nicely--
and I guess it suits my age too ;)~

~ni me posing kat tmn belakang umah me--
me pakai jaket denim gak, tp this one bkn brand Guess (dh lupa brand apa--me beli kat Jusco)..
and me pakai my fav dress ni, plus blue denim jeans and my pink crocs--
sgt selesa, comfy pakai style gini..that's just me being myself!~

~me in dress again ;)--
me suka dress ni sbb labuh lebih lutut ;) kaler putih and pinky2 flower-
me pakai jeans denim kaler itam, and my Guesss jaket again :)--see, me memang sgt sukaaaa pakai
dress--and me meman ada byk dress collection ;)--
i'm just being myself when dressing mcm ni--
sbb rasa confident, selesa, and i feel good too!~

me tag:
miza yusof
ila mama amana


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