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Thursday, 10 February 2011

aku, dia & vintage photo contest

me joining the above contest, due 25 feb

to join, click on the banner.

here is my pic entry

pic asal

pic lps edit
(me edit guna photoscape ajer--sbb me yilek adobe photoshop)

aku--me myself a.k.a mama zharfan (MZ)
dia -- keta Mr Bean kaler biru
vintage?? --keta tu 3 roda tu...tak pernah nampak kat Msia pun..
and memang selamba jer keta tu driven OTR--legal pun, 
cuma me cuak(me plak suka suki nak cuak keta org) tahap balancing and kestabilan keta tu..
pic ni me posing dgn penuh excited jakun kat Factory Outlet (tempat shoppping daaa) Junction 28, Nottingham, UK
dlm hati me--pergghh wujud rupanya keta Mr Bean, 
ingatkan watak keta dlm citer tu ajer ngeh ngeh ngeh

me tag:
miza yusof
cute mum


kamarukom said...

tenkiu 4 joining my contest ciksuzie!! ;)
wohh vintage2 hehe ;)
gudlak ye ^o^

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