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Thursday, 3 February 2011

2nd contest :: saya mau itu ENCHANTEUR PARIS !!

me joining the above contest, due 5 mac

to join, click HERE!

contest task:
letakkan gambar korang bersama orang yang tersayang dalam entry tu and cakap sikit kenapa korang menyayangi si dia :)

here is my pic entry

dlm pic ni, org2 yg me syg ialah Mr Hubby--chenta hati me, juga hero2 kecik me--Zharfan & Ariff
we were having great time together, jln2 sambil2 posing, guling2 in the park @putrajaya...
me suka sgt time when this sweet moments captured --mama & papa cium pipi lil Ariff, while Zharfan selambar jer dok atas belakang papa tu :)
we were clad in red outfit..sedondon, and we simply love red colour as it symbolizes 'keceriaan' for us!! yess...I'm thankful and proud to have such a happy, wonderful family yg sgt2 me sayangi with all my heart & soul..
kenapa me menyayangi org2 dlm pic ni yer??
ni jwpnnya...

me tag:
ila mama amana
miza yusof



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