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Tuesday, 16 November 2010


me joining the above GA, due 20 nov

to join, click HERE!

GA task : blogging or FB?

me memang seorang blogger and me ada jugak akaun FB
kalau ikut ranking, blogging is no. 1 for me, FB kat ranking no.2

why I love blogging more than FB?
sbb i suka tulis mcm diary---compared dgn FB...kat FB , biasanya just utk tulis status update which is very2 short one, upload pics and videos, serta keep in touch dgn frens.

i love and do prefer bloggingfor the followirng reasons:

1) as a personal journal of my life, so I can look back one day and see all the things I did with my life and the people that I loved thru out my life..
2) I do make friends who shares some common interests via blogging(eg mommy bloggers like me)...and it's sooo nice when we have blogger gathering in real world ;)
3)I do love joining blog-based contest/giveaways! and it really cheers me up (plus rewarding too)whenever I win the contest or giveaway from blog-sphere!

4) and most importantly, being a nuffnanger, I love making money from blogging (note : i'm a newbie ajer pun, so far baru sekali ajer me cash out my nuff$$$ ) :)

In short, blogging add spices and sweetener to my everyday life!!

 tu jer kot antara sbb2 penting kenapa me prefer blogging dari facebooking :)


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