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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Red Ribbon Under the Sea Contest win Fuji Underwater Camera now!!!

me joining the above contest by Red Ribbon, due 22 nov.

to join, click HERE!

contest task: 
2. Tell us about your plan going to sea/beach, when and where, and how you need FUJI UNDERWATER CAMERA so badly.
3. You can post pictures (about the beach) or about your diving hobby or about your dream picture using the camera. It's up to your creativity.

PART #1:
I've always loved vacation by the seaside, on beach, on island, even holiday kat tasik, or simply mandi pool kat hotel :p

in terms of pulau2 kat Msia ni, so far, me & hubby pernah menjejakkan kaki, cuti2 msia kat Pulau Pangkor, Pulau Langkawi, and tak lupa juga Pulau Pinang hehhehe

masa pegi Pangkor in year 2007, me & hubby were celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary there :) ni pic me, hubby and our boy kat Pangkor.

utk sessi cuti2 msia thn 2011, weolls dh plan nak pegi salah satu pulau yg tercantik kat msia--even kat dunia pun, ie Pulau Sipadan!!!

and the plan is...nak pegi sana bln April 2011, ---to celebrate my birthday!!! voila!! special super duper celebration ni...

me dh plan nak snorkeling sama2 --our whole family---mcm dlm pic ni..

so kalau me menang Fuji Underwater Camera ni, bolehlah amik pic ramai2 mcm kat dlm pic kat atas

and me bersuka ria  snorkeling sepuas hati--nak tgk coral and sea-life secara dekat, and nak snap pics jugak!! dgn Fuji Underwater Camera lah semestinya!!!

and part paling best, nak abadikan kenangan my bday celebration under water--mcm dlm pics ni!!! tuuu!!! kenangan sepanjang hayat lah kiranya -- and Fuji Underwater Camera sbg saksi dan pengabadi memori under water ni!!

PART #2 :

Me teringin nak menang Fuji Underwater Camera sbb me nak merakamkan saat2 manis anak2 me belajar swimming!!! my boy, Zharfan has always loved water, so me plan nak antar Zharfan masuk swimming class next year..

and detik2 Zharfan belajar berenang sampailah dia expert in swimming MESTI dirakamkan--dan Fuji Underwater Camera pastinya pelengkap kepada happy moments -- me as a mommy tgk my kids having fun swimming together!!
bestnya kalau dpt snap pic my Zharfan mcm dlm pic ni..
pic my boys--sgt close together
and mesti sweet dpt rakamkan pics both of them sama2 belajar swimming!
me belum ada gegirl, ni cuma cth ajer pic ni..

PART #3:

adik lelaki me, yg suka sgt buat benda2 yg challenging, who himself happens to be a diver, sibuk dok ajak me utk sama2 join one thrilled activity---diving with shark kat Aquaria KLCC babe!!

me suka jer, tp nak kena belajar diving (amik lesen etc), and kalau me menang Fuji Underwater Camera from Red Ribbon ni, bolehlah jd sbg inspirasi and pembakar semangat me utk diving dgn adik me nanti :P

nilah pic adik me ...

oppss ..silap, Fahrin Ahmad ni...

ni pic adik me dgn my Zharfan masa weolls cuti2 Langkawi

kalau dpt diving dgn sharks tu, best gak kalau dpt masuk paper kan...berangan lebih2 plak :p

dh abis citer me psl why me badly, desperately need --and now me DREAMING, WISHING--to win the Fuji Underwater Camera
thanks for reading!!


Ms and Mr Red Ribbon said...

timekaseh dah join, mama... tgh usha2 contest entry nie...

EiJa ZaQuaN said...

good luck mama vote for u..:)

MamaYatie said...

good luck for u!!

e.l.i.z.@ said...

gud luck kak!
eli dh vote tau

MAMA MIRZA said...

vote for uuu.....

Kalamhati said...

all de best sis!..=)

^Laila^ said...

cne nk vote?? kna comment kt sini ke pe?? huhuhu.. xtau~~

deem said...

gud luck to you sis.dah vote for u ye...:)

Damia Aleesya & Damia Ayunie said...


starzrol said...

best of luck 4 u mama 4 u too..:-)

Anonymous said...

vote for you..

aimi shaniza said...

vote for my dearie sista :) gud luck .....

nur said...

good luck... vote for you! you deserve to win this!

hunny d bunny said...

tahniah sebab menang

nur said...

tahniah.. best best

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