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Monday, 29 November 2010

Mya Elzara 3th Birthday Giveaway

me joining the above GA, due 6 dec

to join, click HERE!

to bday girl, 
Mya Elzara Batrisya (fuhh sedapnya nama tu)
me ucapkan
Happy 3rd Bday!!

moga membesar, sihat, comel, bijak, jadi anak kesayangan mommy & daddy yer :)


Mya Elzara Batrisya said...

Salam Mama Zarfan....
Timer kasih sgt2 sbb sudi join GA yg tak seberapa nie...

Fuhhh cantiknyer kek tue.. Yum Yumm...

Semoga Berjaya dlm cabutan bertuah tue nnt yer...


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