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Friday, 19 November 2010


me joining the above contest, due 22 nov

to join, click HERE!!

and here is my pregnancy moment true story....

I conceived a month after my wedding. The due date for me to give birth (EDD) was 24th May 2005. Well, there’s always first time for everything – first day at school, first date, ‘first nite’.. and that includes first time giving birth! All expecting mothers (including me) are scared stiff by the thought of giving birth, even those who don´t admit it, I´m sure!

I took 3 weeks annual leave before the date of EDD, for the fear that most people say that it’s normal for an expecting mom to give birth 2 weeks earlier than the EDD...simply on the reason that I had always wanted to give birth at my hometown with my mom beside me…3 weeks was pretty-long-wait, especially if the waiting is to give birth --> for the first time ever in life!! 

Day in day out, nothing happens, my tummy got bigger, and me moving around got slower--> me feeling like as large as an elephant, movable like a ninety five years old!! Finally….in the late afternoon 23rd May 2005, there’s a ‘show’ <--lil blood + lil mucus on my pants. I screamed in panic, quickly and with full of suspense told my mom, who just assured me not to panic as it might take hours and hours for my servic to dilate fully.
At around 6 pm, my mom & my dad (my dad was alive then..) took me to my elder brother’s house which is located about less than 10-minute-drive to the hospital (Kota Bharu Medical Centre-KBMC). My brother advised me to have something to eat before we went to KBMC, so that I would have enough energy to push lor…So guess what did I eat? Yepp…I managed to finish a pack of fried mee (my fav ;) <--that’s a heavy meal!!

At around 9 pm, I was admitted to the ward, no contraction yet actually, So I was put on drip, to assist in faster servic dilation/opening. With the drip on my left hand, I started to feel the contraction, which got intense soon after. I decided not to take epidural, though I have the chance to take it…sounds like me brave enough to endure the normal birth and all its accompanying pains!! I didn’t understand myself for declining epidural, but one thing for sure, I just wanna feel and experience the normal birth without the epidural…sounds weird rite…

The gynae ie Dr Lily broke the membranes (amnion) in order to speed up the procedures. My service was fully dilated, hence the natural urge to push came at around 11 pm something, but pity me, I didn’t manage to push hard enough for my lil baby to come out, he’s like stucked while his head is already visible (the term is ‘crowning’)….this horrifying condition persisted for almost 1 hour, where I did try to push again and again, till I started to lose energy, and felt like giving up and falling asleep due to exhaustion. 

Recalling back the moments, the funny(or perhaps the weird) part is almost of all the things I have been reading in the tons of books and magz are completely gone once I was in the actual labour process..yup..I have been buying and reading all the books, listened to all the tips from friends, colleagues, internet and even went to the ante-natal classes, feeling confident and completely informed - but when the actual moment came, I felt like blur and blank anyway...Thanks God, my mom was beside me, holding my hand all the time, continuously reciting doa for me.. (my hubby couldn’t be with me, as he was in KL ..), while my dad, my elder brother and my younger sister took turn to be in and out of the labour room, giving me encouragement, citing doa etc…

Dr Lily had no other choice, as the longer is the waiting, the baby is at the risk of suffocating, so she prepared the tools to administer forcep on me to pull the baby out…FORCEPS!!!!so terrifying…me seeing the forceps, I attempted to push for the final try…with all my energy and hope..and YESSS, alhamdulillah, my baby was safely born!!!

I gave birth to my Zharfan exactly on the expected due date ie 24th May 2005.
at around 1 am. (based on my reading in mag, only 5% of babies are born on the EDD, so my baby is included in the statistics!)

Only Allah knows my feeling and joy afterwards, the relief, the gratefulness ( me not bothering about the stitch that was done by Dr Lilt afterwards)…the thing that’s still fresh on my mind is….how I felt so totally amazed at myself after giving birth and full of syukur. I made it at last- and it was a normal birth!!

Being pregnant and being a mother is one of the greatest blessings and joys in a woman's true it is.

Everytime I see my boy - Zharfan, I see myself in his looks..I want time to slow down,so I can enjoy being with him more before he grows up and leaves home.I wouldn’t swap my mother-and-baby years for anything in this world...being away from him for 7 months (Sept 2007-March 2008) was the hardest part for me to endure..

Now my Zharfan is 5 years old, active, smart, adorable--> proud to have him as my lil sweetheart..

it was such a LONGG story that I've written I summarize it in these note points:

I still remember every single thing of those 9 sweet months of my first pregnancy...

#that my tummy was not that big - hence I didn't buy any maternity wear! In total I only gained 12 nice

#I didn't have any morning (or even afternoon or evening :) sickness. Thanks God!

#that I was suffering from'premature contraction' at fifth month, and was admitted to Selayang Hospital for few nites and Hospital Kota Bharu for some more nites..finally the pain completely gone like miracle after I went to have a massage/treatment with traditional expert bidan kampung.

#that I couldn't stand to smell all kinds of perfumes, though I'm a perfume lover.

#that I gave birth to my Zharfan exactly on the expected due date ie 24th May 2005.

#that I felt so totally amazed at myself after giving birth. It was so hard and yet very rewarding. I was almost 'forcep' when I was almost giving up in pushing out during the labour..Thanks God, Alhamdulillah.. it was a normal birth

for pics during my 1st pregnancy, I could't find it--I lost the old pic folder..but for the purpose of this contest, here are my preggy pics during my 2nd pregnancy..

my tummy is very obviously big like balloon in these pics :p
All the above  pics were taken when I was about 7 months pregnant (my 2nd pregnancy) - that was in January & February this year; the first pic was snapped when I was having a holiday at Avillion PD, the 2nd pic was on weekend break at Cameron Highlands, while the 3rd pic was taken during holiday at AFamosa Resort Malacca...and I've gained a total of 15 kgs thruout the whole pregnancy..ouch...very2 tough to go back to my pre-pregnancy weight lor...

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