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Friday, 22 July 2011

Win LC Clutch From BabyIbu Shoppe!!

INTRO .... As much as I love a good purse, clutch and bagsss, it is pretty rare for me to be really WOWed by one. I recently saw a clutch by Liz Claiborne and can assure you, I was WOWed.

and here come the random rhyming, from a bagholic..
opps....who's the bagholic? none other than MZ a.k.a Mama Zharfan

If I am to fall in love again
I will swear by one gorgeous clutch, vivacious ever
The design is simple yet fabulouz, perfect for a dinner to remember

If I am to fall in love again
Liz Claiborne clutch will be my everyday wear
I don't care if people were to look at me or they just stare
so long I'm happy and proud with my LC, I simply don't care!

If I am to fall in love again
This LC clutch is what I need
to keep me looking stylish, neat and sweet
having the clutch is indeed a self treat

If I am to fall in love again
there's no greatest love than first love -- towards a bag, oppss isn't that odd?
heyyy that's so true for a bagholic, who will definitely say YES! and nod, nod, nod.

precisely, I am very much in love, rather now an obsession
and money matters keep putting me in depression, in fact devastation
Seeing Baby Ibu Giveaway put a smile on my face, plus a big grin
'makan LC, tido LC, minum LC' --owhh dear judge please let me win :)

tak kenal maka tak cinta, jom bercinta dgn Liz Claiborne
"Liz Claiborne, Inc. is a fashion company founded in 1976 in New York City that designs and markets a wide range of women's and men's apparel, accessories and fragrance products.
The company's brands are available at more than 30,000 different retail locations throughout the world."
source: wikipedia

and mesti bercinta dengan Baby Ibu dan Baby Ibu Shoppe juga :)

BabyIbu Shoppe menawarkan produk untuk baby/toddler dan juga para ibu. Produk yang dipilih adalah produk pilihan istimewa daripada pengalaman kami sendiri menggunakannya. Prinsip kami, guna sendiri dulu baru jual. BabyIbu Shoppe menawarkan harga terbaik untuk anda semua.

tq for reading. hope u have enjoyed it, as much as I do when I wrote this entry.
this super special entry is meant for Baby Ibu GA - Win LC Clutch From BabyIbu Shoppe, which runs now till 24th July.


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